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In-App Voice features

The same voice capabilities you know and love — now in your app.
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Automatic Speech Recognition

Add voice control and enable easy to use self-service with Automatic Speech Recognition powering Voice Enabled IVRs, Order Submissions and more in over 120 languages. Learn more


Integrate with third-party vendors in real time, including artificial intelligence bots. Learn more


Scale your calls globally with the ability to speak text to callers in multiple languages and accents. Learn more
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RTC Webhook

Capture event, call quality, and signalling data seamlessly integrating your client side information with your backend.

Customise conversations with clever functionality.

Event notifications

Retrieve the essential voice events you need, such as timestamps, member ID or user ID.

Convenience method

Our SDKs provide easy-to-use methods to initiate and end calls in a few lines of code.

Selective audio controls (Beta)

Establish an exclusive audio feed for a select call participant to provide feedback and guidance during any conversation.

Call hold

Users have the ability to pause a conversation and reactivate when ready.

Audio output options

Users can control how they receive audio — headphones, loudspeaker, Bluetooth speakers or holding the handheld device to their ear.

Split/multitrack recording (beta)

Record up to 32 call participants in separate tracks to enable more accurate call transcription, content search, sentiment analysis and more.

IP and PSTN endpoints

Bridge voice communications over from IP to PSTN and vice versa.

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