Vonage contact centre use cases

Vonage’s contact centre software helps improve the processes and productivity of sales teams, IT teams, service teams and Salesforce admins.
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Sales teams

Deep Salesforce integration gives your sales team engagement histories across every channel, so they’re free to concentrate on connecting.

Service teams

Your customers expect outstanding service and you expect to give it to them – Vonage contact centers help your people deliver a personalised, emotive experience every time.

IT teams

Your entire contact centre system can exist in the cloud — no legacy systems to update, no complicated software to install and maintain - making IT easier.

Salesforce admins

Salesforce is in our blood, and our contact centre was built to behave like a new, critical feature of the Salesforce you already know and love.
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Make your cold calls a little warmer

Our Salesforce-integrated contact centre makes sales calls, cold calling and warm calling more personal. Personal, engaging conversation means more sales.
  • Salesforce dialler
  • Screen pops
  • Conversation analyser
  • Contextual conversations
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Have a real relationship with every customer

Your customers expect outstanding service and you expect to give it to them — but that’s just the start. Our contact centre helps your people solve problems the first time, smooth tricky conversations and add insight to everyday queries, creating customer experiences that set you apart.
  • Dynamic call routing
  • Intelligent IVR
  • Omnichannel capability to reach your customers wherever they are
  • Deep Salesforce integration for complete engagement histories at a glance

We’re in the cloud

Managing contact centre applications is hard. Legacy IT infrastructure is starting to crumble. Supporting multiple systems is time-intensive and expensive. Plus, when it is time to change, there is the headache of retrofitting an ACD solution onto existing telephony. A Vonage contact centre makes IT easier. We are 100% cloud-based and device-agnostic for telephony infrastructure.
  • Single call plan to intelligently distribute calls across the globe
  • Click-to-dial and telephony
  • Global voice assurance
  • Global reliability
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The contact centre built for Salesforce

Many can claim Salesforce integration, but our contact centre was designed to behave like a Salesforce feature. It provides the admin tools and functions you need as a Salesforce admin.
  • Route voice, email, chat, SMS, video and social channels together using the same business logic
  • Manage agents from the Salesforce UI
  • Unlock hidden insights from every customer conversation

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