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Fraud Defender

Fraud attacks are on the rise — and these events can cost your business both financially and by severely impacting your brand and reputation. That’s where Vonage Fraud Defender comes in. It’s a user-friendly fraud alerting and blocking solution compatible with SMS and voice traffic.

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A comprehensive, end-to-end fraud prevention solution

Protect revenue and reputation

Minimize ongoing attacks with active fraud prevention to protect your brand and end users

Real-time alerts and blocking

Set up automatic blocking and/or notifications of suspicious traffic based on your preferences

Reduce operational costs

Create rules to control risk exposure with a dashboard and customizable settings

Fraud Defender Features

Protect against fraud with this easy-to-implement alert and blocking system. 

  • Implement real-time monitoring, alerting, and notifications to help stop fraudulent activity in its tracks for SMS and voice traffic.

  • Mitigate risk exposure with flexible rules and settings via the Vonage dashboard based on your specific needs.

  • Set up controls to determine what actions to take by account, country, and network.

  • Leverage built-in templates and recommendations to filter traffic from high-risk countries.

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Your Guide to A2P Messaging Fraud Prevention

Fraud within the A2P (application-to-person) messaging industry is on the rise. Find out how you can combat it.

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Vonage Protection Suite

Interested in additional fraud-prevention measures, including two-factor authentication and identification?
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