Usage-based per subscribed minute video pricing

Our tiered, pay-as-you-go pricing has you covered. The more minutes you use, the better deal you get.

2,000 minutes
$9.99/month included in all plans
100,000 minutes
$0.00475/subscribed minute
500,000 minutes
$0.00450/subscribed minute
1.5M minutes
$0.00425/subscribed minute
Up to 5M minutes
$0.00400/subscribed minute
Above 5M minutes
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Usage-based pricing for additional Video API features


Individual stream archives
$0.0125 per archive minute
SD composed archives
$0.025 per archive minute
HD composed archives
$0.035 per archive minute

Interactive Broadcast & Live Streaming

Interactive Broadcast
See usage-based pricing above up to 3000 participants
Live Streaming
See below*

SIP Interconnect

Usage is based on the duration of each call to a SIP endpoint
$0.005/subscribed minute

Voice Only

Do you have a voice-only use case?
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*Live Streaming

In addition to the streamed subscribed minutes for the regular VIdeo API session, you will incur the following costs:

HLS and RTMP content created minutes:

a) Duration of the session that was live streamed, independent of the number of broadcasters or viewers

b) $0.10 per minute of HD content created (HLS-only, RTMP-only, HLS+RTMP)

c) $0.07 per minute of SD content created (HLS-only, RTMP-only, HLS+RTMP)

HLS content viewed:

a) Duration of live streamed content watched by all the HLS viewers

b) Applies to HLS viewers only

c) $0.005 per minute of HLS content viewed per HLS viewed

Subscription pricing for adding advanced features


Enterprise environment
$1,000/month Requires enterprise support
IP whitelisting
$500/month Requires enterprise support
Encrypted recording
$500/month for composed archives
Regional media zones
Starting at $500/month (per zone)
AES 256 bit encryption
HIPAA compliance
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Advanced Insights
Configurable TURN
China relay
$1,000/month (+$0.00300 per subscribed minute)

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