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NetSuite Integration: Do More with Your Precious Time

This article was updated on July 13, 2021

The business world is in an odd state. On the operations side, there's a pervasive culture to produce more, sell more, accomplish more. But on the IT side, the task at hand is to simply support all that and do more with less.

NetSuite integration streamlines business communications in the cloud, increases productivity, and offers empowering customer insights.

This dynamic has, in no small part, driven the rise of streamlined cloud solutions like NetSuite integration. Oracle's cloud answer to the more-with-less dilemma rolls common IT services like ERP, CRM, and professional services into a single cloud appliance from a single vendor.

Here's how to fold communication into the mix, building a less-is-more foundation that empowers your organization's revenue building capabilities.

Streamlining Connections: You Have the Power

Staying connected with customers is obviously a priority for any business, but it's not always easy. In a world where your office isn't necessarily in the same place each day, maintaining the ability to seamlessly connect with customers can be a challenge.

With NetSuite integration, you can access critical customer information anywhere in the world and from just about any electronic device in your pocket. Leverage the power of NetSuite CRM while waiting for a flight, a taxi, or a cup of coffee.

Empowering Insights through NetSuite Integration

It would be an understatement to say that NetSuite offers a bounty of customer insights. From automated reports to cutting-edge dashboards, you always have the best view of your customer data. But what about data like call records, notes, and contact information?

While it may not seem like critical data in the moment, it's never fun to be on a customer call, struggling to remember the details of what was discussed previously. This technology is capable of bringing surprisingly powerful new insights.

Automatically capture all call logs, whether the communication took place a few minutes prior or last year. Track call activity and history while adding searchable notes — such as those all-important meeting minutes — to each interaction. In other words, take comfort in knowing that your data will always be there to back up every customer relationship.

When it's all said and done, any integration has a single test to pass if it's ever going to pay off: Does it drive better business outcomes?

The Easy Way to Simplify

There's something to be said for accessibility. Whether it's finding a front-row parking spot or choosing the shortest line at the grocery checkout, easier and faster is the goal. You're not being lazy; you're being efficient.

That's exactly what this technology brings to the table. Seamless management of those ever-changing contacts in any number of business applications from a single view. Click-to-dial straight from your NetSuite dashboard. Even simple NetSuite customer lookups get an efficiency makeover as incoming calls are handed off to NetSuite to bring more informative data to your notifications.

Don't Sweat the Tech Stuff

Integrations are great and all, but they can be downright painful to deploy. Visions of massive hardware refreshes, driver updates, and overflowing ticket systems immediately come to mind. This is mercifully inapplicable to NetSuite.

Again, thanks to the magic of the cloud and VoIP technology, these solutions live right in your browser and function effortlessly on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

Positively Productive

Productivity is simply an equation of work over time. The more work you accomplish over a set duration, the more productive you are. To increase productivity, you can either do more with the time you have or give yourself more time in which to do it. NetSuite integration tackles the issue from both ends.

By making it easier to access critical information during each customer interaction, your time becomes more effective. That's to say nothing of added automation for things like call logging, note taking, and contact management. Additionally, being available on any device at any time from anywhere in the world, you'll be able to be productive at a moment's notice. This culimates in both a more productive use of time and more time to be productive with.

When it's all said and done, any integration has a single test to pass if it's ever going to pay off: Does it drive better business outcomes? In the case of NetSuite, that mostly boils down to customer interactions. These days, if those interactions aren't immediately engaging and personalized, you've already missed the mark.

This is where this integration really shines. How do you personalize customer interactions? By getting to know your customers. How do you better engage your customers? Your NetSuite platform has you covered there, helping you meet them where they are, be it by text, instant message, voice, or video.

Bring the two together and — well, you get the point: Personal, engaging, and ultimately more effective interactions, all in a more productive and efficient way. And that's a win-win situation.

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