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COVID-19: How the Vonage APIs Partner Ecosystem is Working to Help

This article was published on July 13, 2021

We know the current global health crisis has turned the world upside down. Everyone is suddenly a remote worker, a homeschooler, or a distance learner. You’re learning to bake bread from scratch and cut your own hair. You’re worried about elderly relatives and immunocompromised friends. You’re worried about running out of toilet paper, for heaven’s sake.

Illustration of a medical consult done remotely on a tablet device

The last thing you need to worry about is the technology that’s going to enable this new world order. We need remote communication for every situation, and we need it now. 

Today’s leading video conferencing apps are leading the charge, but some recent headlines have people understandably wary. That’s why, here at Vonage, we’re putting all our heads together with our Partners to offer simple, not-for-profit, and free solutions that get you back in the driver’s seat of your life and your work without fuss or fear.

Communication is Key

Our Vonage Connect API partner ecosystem is made up of companies that use Vonage’s flexible API platform to develop ready-to-use tools and services to address telehealth, e-learning, remote work, crisis management, and more. And best of all, they benefit from Vonage’s capacity to handle quality and volume at a massive and global scale, meeting the unprecedented demand for digital communications capabilities right now.

Our Partners in the Fight Against COVID-19

We’re singling out a number of partners to highlight here. These companies have risen to the occasion and are working with our APIs to present easy, often non-profit solutions to meet the COVID-19 crisis head on.


The Whispir platform lets you automate, personalize, and layer your communications with smart workflows. Today, they’re offering a number of resources, including a whitepaper, Mastering Effective Communication in a Crisis. Also available are ready-to-use communication templates for a range of circumstances in this crisis:

If you're facing a communication challenge regarding any of the issues pertaining to COVID-19, you can access our communication template pack to facilitate outreach to a range of audiences for a range of circumstances, such as staff advisories, travel declarations, Quarantine checks, and more. These templates are designed to help reduce anxiety and disruption to business operations.

Whispir’s global SAAS platform can be provisioned in 24-48 hours, giving customers access to an instantly capable, rich multi-channel messaging platform capable of adapting to a rapidly changing world. is the second generation of a no-code/low-code conversational AI platform, enabling anyone to rapidly create great conversational experiences in any channel, using any of the top AI engines. is named by Gartner as a top conversational AI platform alongside Google, Microsoft, IBM, and Amazon.

OneReach and Vonage are offering a free messaging solution to governmental and nonprofit organizations to aid in COVID-19 communication efforts. This free product enables organizations to build information chatbots in a matter of hours. Our highly configurable, multi-language chatbot can be used via Facebook Messenger to provide answers to frequently asked questions about COVID-19—and can also be extended to reach customers via Vonage communication channels like SMS, MMS, social chat apps, voice, and video. With quick onboarding, this solution is ready to use to accelerate your support for COVID-19. 


Integrated with OutSystems, a low-code platform, Vonage Communications for OutSystems is a multi-channel messaging integration that allows a brand to create support experiences in the customers’ preferred channels, including video, SMS, MMS, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. Organizations can now enable conversational support messaging across the customer journey. Learn more on the upcoming webinar, “Delivering an Engaging Omnichannel Experience Through Effective Customer Service Operations.”

Some common use cases:

  • Healthcare: remote doctor/patient appointments, virtual telehealth, appointment reminders

  • Field Services: support ticket notifications and alerts

  • Insurance: digital customer service, virtual claims validation

One of the most pressing challenges during this pandemic is to make sure critical assets are available in the areas that need them the most. Vonage has partnered with OutSystems on their OutSystems COVID-19 Community Response Program and are committed to helping turn up to 20 ideas focused on helping solve a global problem into a reality, using our products and expertise, including free use of Vonage APIs. 

For example, one app is being built to address the crisis involves management of essentials such as masks, gloves, disinfectant spray, cooked meals, isolation areas for quarantine or treatments, medical material, or any other critical asset that is relevant in the current situation. This information will be shared across multiple entities, both governmental and volunteers, and the platform will work as a hub that allows municipalities to request or share resources.

Submit your ideas now for other helpful apps to manage the crisis; OutSystems and Vonage will lend products and expertise to building these apps and releasing them quickly to aid in fighting COVID-19.


Unytalk designs, builds, and deploys cloud or on-premises solutions on top of programmable communication APIs like video, voice, and messaging from Vonage. 

Within healthcare, they offer an all-in-one, HIPPA-compliant online practice management, teleconsulting, and concierge healthcare platform. In response to COVID-19, Unytalk has launched Unytalk.Live to make it easy and free for frontline healthcare providers to offer secure video conferencing, keeping them connected with their patient communities remotely.

They also offer a large-scale and interactive broadcasting platform for e-learning, online events, and digital media use cases using our Vonage APIs, including video.

WebRTC Ventures

WebRTC Ventures is the parent company of SimplyDoc, a telehealth solution for medical and mental health practices. SimplyDoc is a fully baked, off-the-shelf application to get healthcare organizations up and running quickly with remote doctor-patient video consultancy capabilities, built using the Vonage Video API—an urgent need during this challenging time.

Customizable to any medical practice, mental health clinic, hospital system, or healthcare scenario, SimplyDoc is designed to be easy to use so that care providers can “simply be the doc” and their patients can have a secure, HIPAA compliant conversation in just a few clicks.

SimplyDoc is inherently secure, because it is Peer-to-Peer and encrypted, making it a compelling telemedicine solution.


KPN and Vonage teamed up to support KPN's customers in the digital healthcare sector during Covid-19 pandemics. KPN offers SMS API to streamline communication with patients. Use cases can include requesting information from patients, confirming the appointments, or reaching out in the context of Coronavirus.   

SMS APIs are a highly effective communication method, with 98% of all text messages being opened by customers, and can be directly connected to healthcare applications or outpatient systems.

To help relieve the healthcare sector, Vonage has donated two months of free usage for KPN's customers.

Now We’re Talking

Most of the solutions we’ve showcased here are available now—many for free—to help keep the world running during these challenging times. We hope you find them helpful, and we want to thank all our partners for doing their part.

Vonage is unique in the communications space; nowhere else can you meet all of your communications needs, all at once, all on one platform. Only with Vonage can you scale securely, reliably, and globally across 190+ countries and over 1,600 networks.

Add to that our rich ecosystem of partners, and we’re confident we can help you do whatever it is you do best to make a difference.

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