Cloud Integrations Offer Game-Changing Efficiency for Modern Businesses

It's fair to say that the cat's out of the bag when it comes to the utility of cloud integrations. You've likely heard of its miraculous ability to transform business processes into streamlined, efficient workflows. Even so, what exactly does that look like? Are there wizards involved?

Cloud integrations in the workplace can be game-changers.

As it turns out, the efficiencies afforded by integrating cloud services come in far more simple and practical forms. Here are some tangible examples of how integrating the power of cloud-based communication with the office tools you already know and love can streamline your environment:

CRM Magic

Everybody who's anybody leverages a CRM, right? These services make the common management tasks of your client base a much more organized and generally enjoyable affair. Let's assume for the sake of this example that you have a Salesforce environment with all kinds of handy tidbits about your customers. The thing is, you still have to pick up another piece of technology to make use of all that information — namely, a phone.

Cloud integrations in this scenario would streamline the experience by letting your users accomplish all of their Salesforce workflows on the same device. Do you need to fire off a client call? With one click, you can dial straight from the number stored in your CRM. Are you taking diligent notes on the call? With cloud integration, those notes and tagging automatically sync right to your Salesforce contact and lead activities. Similarly, both incoming and outgoing calls are automatically logged to the right Salesforce contact or lead based on caller ID.

Get a Handle on Customer Communication

Have you ever tried to communicate with new contacts that weren't yet synced to your Outlook database? It can be frustrating when you have an incoming call without any supporting information. Conversely, trying to take an email conversation to the phone without an accompanying number in your address book is a quick way to kill productivity.

Yet again, cloud integrations make both of these scenarios more efficient and streamlined. For example, Office 365 can be connected to your cloud communication platform to seamlessly update your Outlook address book when unknown numbers roll in.

Automatically updating contact information isn't the only trick up cloud integration's sleeve. It can also put that data to work for you. Using that same Office 365 integration, in-depth analysis of all inbound and outbound calls can be done with the click of a button. This includes details such as employee, number, date, time, and duration. For those who use Office 365 to stay focused on the job at hand, these solutions can also automatically convert incoming and outgoing calls to Outlook Tasks.


In the end, you can scrutinize list after list of all the wonderful things this type of integration can bring and still not be convinced. For most, lofty promises simply aren't enough, no matter how accurate they may be. For the skeptics among us, real-life examples are more convincing.

To that end, feast your eyes upon Rocky Ridge and its integration of a cloud-based communication platform. In doing so, Rocky Ridge had the immediate boost of call quality and signal strength that cloud technology platforms are known for, but it was the added efficiency of CRM integration that really tipped the scales.

With Zoho being Rocky Ridge's CRM of choice, sales representatives were able to enjoy more efficient calls as important customer information popped up onscreen the second a call came through. With some reps handling as many as 100 individual accounts, this level of efficiency is a game-changer.

Cloud integrations that tie communication and management tools together arm you with the right information at the right time, without the extra legwork. If you're looking for ways to bring greater efficiency to your business processes, you could do far worse than kicking the tires on cloud integration.

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Joe Hewitson
Joe Hewitson Contributor

With a degree in applied computing technology and over a decade of experience in the IT and software development industries, Joe Hewitson has his finger on the pulse of cloud technology. From developing communication applications for the cloud to deploying VoIP solutions in enterprise environments, he’s seen it all. The one thing Joe loves more than staying on the cutting edge of cloud and VoIP technology? Writing about it.


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