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Agents of Service: Great Customer Experience Starts With Your Contact Center

This article was published on July 13, 2021

It’s almost like CX 101: Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Or ask yourself, “What would you like?” Hmm, even with those strategies, why do so many customer service experiences sound horrifically similar? Maybe it’s time to better prep your agents with the right tools and tech. Then you can officially put the "customer" back into "customer experience."

image that depicts call center agents in front of their computer

Does this sound (frustratingly) familiar? 

You call into a company’s customer service number and before you know it, the system places you on eternal hold.

Then the live voice greets you and you provide all the details. You don’t get an immediate resolution, however, the first agent assures you that everything will be fixed—and you’re transferred to the person in the know.

Too bad something gets lost in the exchange, because the second agent has no idea who you are or why you’re calling. You’re in this frustrating cycle of being placed on hold, repeating your story (again), repeat.

Another thing, every agent tries to upsell you a product …

… the same product that’s not working and the very reason for your call.

Sigh, we can all relate.

Time to Elevate the Experience

Now imagine a world where a speedy response comes straight from the voice of a knowledgeable agent. Integrating a CSM (Customer Service Management) tool into your contact center workflow can do wonders to engage customers and elevate the overall experience.

CSM providers like ServiceNow help agents deliver the best customer service. And it’s a type of integration that positively impacts everyone. For example, agents can enjoy a collaborative workflow with teams throughout the organization—managers, back office, field staff—to increase efficiencies and ensure a great customer experience.

That’s right: Everyone is in the know.

Everyone Loves to Feel Special

Nobody likes to repeat themselves. With options like ServiceNow, agents can quickly review caller details—such as open case, existing contact, etc.—to immediately prep before answering the call. No more repeats.

Taken further, how about using CSM data to dynamically route select customer segments? Perhaps your highest-generating customers are immediately routed to top agents to produce the best calling experience possible.

Your Agents Will Love You, Too

Your agents simply want to do their job and help customers. They could do without the extra work. That’s why the right CSM tool fits into your contact center solution by offering a single point of truth, which minimizes screen switches and repetition. In other words, your agents can save their voice for the customer.

The result is a much-preferred proactive approach. No longer are agents fearful of the unknown caller and to-be-determined reaction (which may not be pleasant). Instead, there’s a real opportunity to continually monitor your customers and company preparation, such as notifying customers in advance or identifying automation opportunities.

Who Doesn’t Like to Save?

There are instances when both you and your customers prefer a more automated or self-service route. It’s a matter of balance, of course, to find a customer-centric solution that’s also cost effective. That’s why companies like ServiceNow integrate with those who can strengthen their position.

The Vonage Contact Center for ServiceNow leverages CSM data with cloud expertise and global voice assurance. Vonage takes additional steps to own their entire tech stack, including Communications APIs and UCaaS solutions. The in-house resources power world-class contact centers well into the future and promote customer engagement throughout their journey.

And we can all relate to that, too.

Learn more about Vonage Contact Center for ServiceNow.

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