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5 All-Star Enterprise Communication Tools That Will Put Your Business in the Major Leagues

This article was updated on July 13, 2021

While Major League sluggers are hitting baseballs out of the park, some standout unified communications (UC) tools are similarly hitting line drives to the business communications centerfield. In fact, when it comes to enterprise communication tools, there's a strong roster of all-star solutions that every business should have to drive greater efficiencies and hit home better business outcomes.

Take your business to the major leagues with all-star enterprise communication tools that can boost efficiency and collaboration.

Here's a lineup of the best business communication tools to help you hit a couple of collaboration home runs.

1. Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

UCaaS is the Babe Ruth of enterprise communication tools. It's the heavy hitter and the backbone of your UC team. If you want to streamline workflows and allow your employees to effectively collaborate with colleagues and clients, you'll want this all-star on your team.

The benefits of UCaaS include:

  • Fewer silos, better collaboration. UCaaS unifies communication tools — such as voice, conferencing, chat, and SMS — to allow teams to communicate and collaborate more effectively across different channels and devices.
  • More mobility for your employees. With the ability to transition seamlessly between desktop, mobile, video conferencing, and SMS messaging, your employees can work from wherever they want and still stay in constant contact with colleagues and clients to ensure your business never slows down.
  • Increased efficiency. By integrating your core enterprise communication tools under one platform, you gain a number of efficiency benefits. These include being able to integrate with applications like your CRM so customer information automatically pops up when they call. With UCaaS, you can also optimize workflows with call logging, reporting, and contact sync.

As an all-around foundation for your internal and external communications, UCaaS is the team captain of your business communications strategy.

From saving your business money on travel to allowing employees to work remotely and still connect with customers and clients through face-to-face interaction, cloud-based video conferencing has all the attributes to let you hit home run after home run on efficiency and effectiveness.

2. In-App Messaging

Think of in-app messaging as the team's power hitter. It allows your business to extend your customer communications to a touch point that's intuitive and familiar for your customers in their personal lives (think WhatsApp, WeChat, or Facebook Messenger), but in the context of your brand.

You can use in-app messaging in environments such as contact centers and online marketplaces. Contact center agents, for example, can message customers directly through the channels customers prefer to resolve issues quickly, elevating your customer service and building greater customer loyalty. Providing a seamless customer experience is key for the modern business, and in-app messaging can knock that out of the park.

3. Communications APIs

Now here's one of the best communication tools for the enterprise and a true team player. APIs are what help you connect all of your teams and applications together. They can be integrated with other cloud-based business solutions, such as marketing automation platforms, CRM applications, mobile apps, and more. Think of APIs as your "batter up," because when your bases are loaded with applications your employees need to use, APIs can bring runners home by connecting everything together to increase collaboration and efficiency.

4. Cloud-Based Video Conferencing

One of the best-in-class communication tools with an impressive RBI when it comes to business collaboration and communication is cloud-based video conferencing. From saving your business money on travel to allowing employees to work remotely and still connect with customers and clients through face-to-face interaction, cloud-based video conferencing has all the attributes to let you hit home run after home run on efficiency and effectiveness.

Unlike on-premises video conferencing options, cloud-based conferencing allows employees to connect on any device from anywhere. Essentially, without the cloud-based version, you'll have employees all stuck on first base since they'll lack the flexibility to connect with colleagues and clients in the ways they need to.

5. Call Logging

This communications pinch hitter always comes in clutch by letting you put efficiency on autopilot and allowing you to automatically capture key data. You can also further streamline call recording into your workflows by integrating it with Salesforce CRM. Inside Marketing, for example, saw an 11% uplift in call engagement, a 10% improvement in productivity in the first two months, and 100% faster dial times by adding call logging.

So if your employees' bases are loaded with things to do, you can use this handy communications tool to automate the sales administration process and free up their time to get more done. It will also capture data that gives you deeper insights into your customers and your business.

With a lineup of all-star enterprise communication tools, your business will operate more effectively. Teams always play better when they communicate and collaborate well — and that's exactly what these best-in-class enterprise communication tools let you do. No foul balls here.

Here are even more features that can help increase collaboration!

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