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Sell more each time you go Live on Facebook

With, you can get more value from your Facebook Live videos by engaging with shoppers before, during, and after the events.

Image of customer L'Oreal at a live event

Learn how L’Oréal drove a 4X increase in their daily sales

L’Oréal Luxe brought in one month’s worth of online sales in 24 hours using Facebook Live and Jumper's conversational commerce solutions.

Facebook live commerce

Monetise Facebook Live

Maximise value in your Facebook Live campaigns by having one-one-one conversations with thousands of viewers.



Strike up conversations

Showcase your products via Facebook Live

Promote your products during Facebook Live streams to leverage social selling and peer-to-peer referral purchases.



Engage Customers

Engage commenters showing purchase intent

Detect product interest from viewer comments to engage with shoppers provide a seamless checkout process directly on Messenger.

Drive Impulse

Drive impulse purchases via Messenger

Guide shoppers through a simple, step-by-step purchase flow to answer FAQs and automate cart creation and order processing.

Brand Philosophy

Easily escalate from chat bots to live agents

Route non-standard questions and conversation topics to live agents to ensure you build a personal connection with each member of your Facebook Live audience.

Get Familiar with Followers

Get familiar with your followers

Improve your product messaging and marketing approach by using the first-hand data you collect from every shopper and customer conversation.

Never worry about syncing it all

Keep your catalogue, orders, shipping, payment information, and customer data secure, integrated, and updated at all times, across your enterprise-wide systems.
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