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Calabrio Workforce Management (WFM) is designed for the modern contact center and modern workforce. Thanks to Calabrio WFM for your Vonage Contact Center, you’ll access the innovative tools needed — such as advanced forecasting, dynamic scheduling, and intelligent automation — to easily plan and manage your operations. And your agents also enjoy the autonomy and flexibility to manage their work-life balance. 


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Companies that consistently deliver exceptional customer and employee experiences know the value of effective contact center solutions. For example, not having the proper scheduling and forecasting tools can lead to performance issues, agent dissatisfaction, and a low CSAT. With Calabrio Workforce Management for your Vonage Contact Center, you’ll enjoy a cloud-native, enterprise-grade WFM solution that meets the complex needs of contact centers across global industries. AI-powered forecasting and automated scheduling connect skilled agents with customers at the right time, and intuitive self-scheduling gives agents greater freedom and flexibility. Leverage the combined power of Calabrio and Vonage to take your contact center to the next level.


Key Features:


Predictive Forecasting

Advanced analytics mines historical data for accurate contact volume forecasting, including trends and seasonality analyses.


Omnichannel Scheduling

Integrated visibility of all channels helps build and manage agent schedules — to ensure that the right agents are available for consistent coverage.


Real-Time Adherence (RTA)

Easily monitor employee status in real time, track adherence, and adjust schedules to maintain service-level targets.


Robust Reporting  

Data Explorer tool makes it easy to customize and automate reports by combining WFM and enterprise data.



Employees can independently adjust lunches and breaks, add hours, or trade shifts with automated staffing monitoring and zero managerial intervention.


Mobile App

The MyTime portal and app simplifies vacation, sick time, overtime, and schedule adjustment entries — with manual or automated approval processes based on predefined rules.



AI-powered chatbot manages schedule requests, with a focus on staffing and employee skills. The system also provides chat notifications for voluntary time off.



Create more accurate forecasts and schedules

  • Blend customer behavior and changing conditions to create accurate forecasts and precise yet flexible schedules
  • Streamline workflows and build schedules with rules-based automation


Reduce overstaffing and overtime with Intelligent Automation

  • Respond to changes in real time with dynamic intraday scheduling tools
  • Manage voluntary time off and overtime process, and fill overtime opportunities and additional hours in real time with AI automation


Empower agents through self-scheduling

  • Give agents the freedom to build their schedules, set their lunches and breaks, make time-off requests, and trade shifts — all while maintaining staffing-level requirements