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AI Virtual Assistant

It’s time to stop the robotic, non-connected conversations. Virtual assistants should help automate and elevate, not frustrate. Let our conversational AI enhance your self-serve requests in natural language. And enjoy the CX boost as your voice AI representative answers customer calls immediately, starts the conversation to understand the request and takes the appropriate action. 

Vonage AI Virtual Assistant integrated with VCC and What's app


Make your customers and bottom line smile

Who doesn’t want to drive efficiency, reduce cost, and boost their CSAT, CES, and NPS scores? A virtual assistant helps reduce wait times, so that you can serve more customers and increase business insights.

  • Add contact centre capacity without increasing headcount
  • Provide 24-hour service with minimal human involvement
  • Free up live agents for more complex queries
  • Increase sales and reduce compliance risk through consistency
  • Get immediate resolution to straightforward and repeatable queries
  • Increase overall first call resolution rate and improve average handle times


Key areas of focus

  • Inbound query resolution: Customers have common questions that need answering, like: “Where is my shipment?” With a quick link to your CRM/ERP, the virtual representative can answer these and many other questions 24/7, freeing agents to focus on high-value loyalty-building interactions.
  • Outbound phone campaigns: When performing a survey, qualifying leads or executing a recall, the most efficient and scalable way to carry it out is via a discreet and tactful virtual representative.
  • Phone operation business continuity: Even when the worst happens, customers can still get service over the phone. A virtual representative can handle calls in high volumes during emergencies and disasters, or while the queue is peaking.
  • Concierge or receptionist: Asking questions of a concierge or receptionist can be a slow and frustrating process; long waiting times are not uncommon as they prioritise enquiries. Automating this process provides a dedicated “person” who can respond immediately and can scale massively.


  • Voice enabled self-service
  • AI-driven conversations
  • Natural language understanding
  • Flexible, easily tailored, compliant solution
  • Secure and seamless integration with the contact centre
  • Omnichannel capability