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Speech Village

Speech Village is the first of its kind in speech recognition technology that is providing services to global enterprises achieving automation levels through voicebots previously unheard of in the industry.


Speech Village uses an autonomous platform (which we call Hermes) which dynamically blends proprietary technologies and techniques in speech recognition and artificial intelligence which have been developed over 20 years by its founders Walter Battistetti and Giovanni Andreani. The humanised voicebots deployed by Speech Village are bringing to the market unparalleled performance, with unmatched reliability and robustness. Hermes enables the integration of customised data analytics, providing enterprises with invaluable information on how to improve customer experience.


Speech Village voicebots are deployed in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German, Dutch, and Swedish. The service offering includes customised voicebots suitable for complex customer service at an enterprise level, productivity tools for both large corporations as well as SMEs. Speech Village delivers highly sophisticated voicebots in 3 months.


Speech Village uses Vonage VoIP lines for inbound and outbound automatic services, as well as SMS gateway and social network connectors to deliver communication applications across various industries.

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Use Cases

Use cases in the enterprise environment include voicebots performing troubleshooting for defective products, sale of products and services, customer surveys, IT help desk first call resolution, debt recovery, client retention, FAQ, HR support.


Use cases in the SME environment include voice Virtual Assistants for booking of medical appointments, booking of internal meeting rooms, telephone receptionist, restaurant take away orders.


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