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Building softwares that meet international standards.


Euda is a boutique software development company. Creating an app is a science that needs quality and precision. We build softwares that meet international standards, partnering with the best tech providers in the world such as Vonage.


We have developed multiple tele-solutions (video-solutions) using Vonage API technology for video streaming. All are multiplatform solutions that run on Android, iOS, and Web platforms. We currently handle around 150,000 video-calls per month using Vonage API, on all our implementations.




Use Cases

  • “Llamando al Doctor” (Calling the doctor): is an application for medical consultations that allows qualified and immediate medical attention through video calls 24 hours a day, with a wide variety of top-level health providers.
  • “Appelas”: is an application that brings users closer to the best professionals in the legal field, it presents a wide variety of options for the different queries that users may have. 
  • “Psique Online”: is an application that provides psychological, psychiatric, and pedagogical counseling or work and personal coaching through video call consultations.