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Carts Guru

Carts Guru is a powerful, easy-to-use multichannel retargeting solution. According to Carts Guru CTO and co-founder, Maxime Pruvost, "Conversions are critical to the success of any eCommerce business, and as more and more customers rely on mobile devices and applications to shop, learn, and watch, we required a globally scalable, reliable mobile communications partner." Carts Guru implemented the Vonage SMS API for sending highly targeted, timely messages that allow customers to re-engage potential purchasers who abandon their online shopping carts. Carts Guru also used the Vonage SMS API to create an SMS callback feature.


When a shopper receives a text from a retailer, they have the option to text back if they want to engage in a customer service call with an agent. This quick call to action is particularly useful for smaller shopping carts or online retailers that experience a high rate of shopping cart abandonment.


By offering Carts Guru customers the ability to scale text and callback alerts to end users, SMS has quickly become the preferred method of customer engagement.

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