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Vonage Voices On-Demand Replays

Vonage Voices is a series of thought leadership discussions on issues of topical interest. Business leaders, experts, and visionaries share their thoughts and approaches to seemingly impossible challenges. Vonage Voices is your opportunity to listen in and benefit from their experience, expertise, and business acumen.



Future vs. Fear—Engaging & Delivering in a Time of Uncertainty

Sales stopped virtually overnight. Employee and customer needs grew daily. Yes, we’ve all migrated to a remote, virtual-only world—but remembering the need for openness, honesty, trust, and social time is a must.

retail storefront with "Black Friday" sign

How Retail, CP, and Supply Chain Leaders Survive, Revive, and Thrive in the New Normal

Nothing prepares you for the real world like real life. These stories detail the planning and pivoting in a post-Covid landscape, with plenty of practical applications to share. Watch now
illustration of a phone and shopping cart representing e-commerce

Is the Lockdown a Catalyst for a High Street Revival?

How to transition from in-store to online and thrive? Is there really hope when footfall drops by a whopping 75 percent? Dare we say—it’s not all doom and gloom. Watch now
Avoiding silos the contact center

Is Innate Agility enough advantage to Survive and Thrive in a Crisis?

In this conversation we’re talking about Challengers and Disrupters and whether their innate agility has given them an advantage over traditional businesses to survive and thrive as we bounce forward. Watch now
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How do you provide a consistent and frictionless customer experience with a remote workforce and still deliver record revenues?

The contrast between the success of digital and online retail versus the decline of High Street retailers has never been put into sharper focus than during lockdown. Watch now
Person with 3 magnifying glasses.

How do Microsoft and GitHub deliver exemplary global customer service at scale and seamlessly, across all channels, communities and devices.

A holy grail for Customer Service is a true ‘Channeless’ experience. A big leap beyond multi-channel and omni-channel and touted to be the next big wave for exemplary customer engagement Watch now
Stylized illustration of a laptop screen with a social media page featured and speech bubbles (cropped)

Establishing Certainty in an Uncertain World

Rupert Lee-Browne is one of the original Financial Services ‘disrupters’, spotting a gap in the market to forge the global success that is CaxtonFX. What steps have Rupert’s business taken to ride out the crisis and how has it managed to deliver certainty to increase customer loyalty and value. Watch now
image that represents the Visual Engagement features in the Vonage Contact Center

IPSA ensures the highest standard of honesty, openness, fairness and accountability for our elected representatives. How does technology support this vital role for UK Government?

This session is a fascinating insight into how the authority engages, monitors and measures to shape the platform on which Britain works, at home and on the world stage. Video coming soon!