Vonage for AWS Contact Center Intelligence

The power of AWS AI services delivered through the Vonage Voice Network to transform your contact center experience.

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Enable customer self service

With the assistance of AI, customers can get quick answers and resolutions to FAQs and other low tasks without ever having to speak with an agent.

Empower agents and improve performance

Give agents more than just bandwidth, add live call analytics, agent assist and post call analytics so they can focus on the customer.
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Quick start

No need to rip and replace your contact center infrastructure, flexible deployment models allow you to augment your contact center without starting from scratch.
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Deliver the benefits of AI to customers and agents alike, implementing machine learning and natural language processing to enable customer self-service, live-call analytics and agent assist, as well as post call analytics to optimise the experience in your customer centric contact center.
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Vonage Voice

Vonage for AWS Contact Center Intelligence gives you the ability to deploy the AI capabilities of AWS across a suite of voice networks including IP based voice, carrier based PSTN networks and your own existing SIP infrastructure.
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Seamless connection

Built to work seamlessly with AWS AI services, Vonage uses a RFC 6455 compliant websocket to connect the capabilities of AI to your contact center’s voice experience.
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Take conversation to the next level

The conversation doesn’t stop with voice, move the context of the conversation with the customer as they engage with you across a multitude of communication channels including messaging and video.

Use Cases

Customer self-service

  • Expedite time to resolution with AI for FAQs.
  • Offer choice in how customers engage with you.
  • Improve efficiencies within your customer service department.

Agent assist tools

  • Provide agents with live-call analytics for deeper insights.
  • Empower agents with in call assist to provide top level customer service.
  • Optimise efficiencies for better customer service and agent retention.

Post-call analytics

  • Leverage every customer interaction to improve service.
  • Better tailor each individual experience to the customer.
  • Improve the bot and agent experience alike with the detailed insight you need.



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